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AIMSURE Sdn Bhd, based in Malaysia, offers a one-stop office space solution to all your office furniture needs.
Sleek and sophisticated, sturdy and solid, a good-looking table can set the whole mood of a room. Whether it is a director’s table, tables for executives, or study tables for students, a good table makes a difference in increasing productivity at the workplace. At AIMSURE Office System Malaysia, we have tables catered to all types of purpose and function where we’ll let the quality of our tables speak for itself.

• Director tables
• Executive & Office tables
• Conference tables
• Folding tables
• Computer tables
• Storage cabinets
The backbones of any company are the officers, executives, and workers. These important backbones need to be well supported by chairs that encourage them to have good postures while working. A comfortable chair helps people focus on their work, making them productive. Again with AIMSURE Office System in Malaysia, you can certainly do without complaints of back problems.

• Executive chairs
• Office chairs
• Netting chairs
• Econ chairs
• Sofa sets
• Link chairs / reception seating
• Study chairs
• Bar stool
• Banquet chairs
• Education seating
• Factory & draughtman chairs

For photo samples of designs and measurement specification, fill in the enquiry form for a free brochure.
Open Plan System
Having an open plan office system layout in Malaysia is getting more popular as it creates a friendlier working environment that improves the rapport of co-workers. It is also more space effective where it creates a more open and wide feeling of a small space. We can help you create and design plans that fit exactly to your company needs.

• AIM Slim Block
• AIM Pole System
• AIM Block System
• AIM Desking System
• AIM Tile System

We also provide customised office system along with our office furniture installations. Simply fill in the form for your FREE space planning layout, specially for your office.
The first thing a customer walks in and sees is your beautiful and friendly receptionist. You’ll need an equally good-looking reception desk to go with her looks and persona. We can provide a wide range of reception designs so your office will look impressive for your clients’ first impression.
Steel Cabinets
Shelves, cupboards, and steel cabinet… all these help set a workplace into a well-organized office system for office in Malaysia. Being well organized promotes efficiency and effectiveness. AIMSURE provides the below in various designs, styles and sizes.

• Mobile Compactors
• Steel Cabinets
• Steel lockers
• Drawer Filing Steel Cabinets
• Card Index Cabinets
• Stationary Cabinets
• Pigeon Hole
Security is not to be left out when one furnishes a company. Money, of course, is best safe guard in a solid safe. Similarly with any important confidential documents, agreements, and especially gold bars, if you have them in your office. Our office system in Malaysia provides reliable, secure and solid safes to make sure everything important is well protected.

• APS Safes
• Falcon Safes
• Idea Safes
Notice Board/ White Board
A notice on a notice board can only get attention when it’s securely stick on for all to see. Our office system available in Malaysia has five types of board surfaces and three frame types. Choose as you wish. Sizes can be customized.
Notice Board

Board Surface Type:
• Velvet
• Cork
• Foam
• Soft Board
• Stick On Board

Frame Type:
• Aluminium frame
• Wooden frame
White Board

• HPL Non-Magnetic
• HPL Magnetic
• PPG1 Magnetic
• P3 Magnetic
So when it comes to sourcing for a total solution for your office system in Malaysia, come and look for us at AIMSURE. High quality with unbelievable price and 24 hours return call guarantee. Complete the enquiry form for a free consultation. We’re happy to provide you with more information.