mobile single sided whiteboard


mobile single sided whiteboard

White board with mobile stand

* Grow your business with Movable whiteboard aluminium frame to bring all your ideas to new heights 
* With easy wall mounting and customisable sizes for all your organisation needs
* Furnished with safety corner caps
* Foldable pen tray for markers and erasers
* Choices - Non magnet or with magnet
* Size (mm) :
a. 1200W x 900H
b. 1500W x 900H
c. 1800W x 900H
d. 1500W x 1200H
e. 1800W x 1200H
f.  2400W x 1200H
g. 2400W x 1200H
h. 3000W x 1200H
i.  3600W x 1200H

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